Meet Pat Harris

Pat Harris is a craftsman at heart. Fresh out of college, he and his brother started building houses on the side, and Pat knew he’d found his calling.

A native of Richmond, Virginia, Patrick (Pat) T. Harris studied marketing at Virginia Tech. After graduation, he quickly realized the corporate world was not for him, so he moved on to real estate appraisal. Every time he walked into another home to evaluate, he found himself noticing its craftsmanship and admiring the finer details.

After gaining some homebuilding experience with his brother, Pat went to work for a custom builder and then a production builder, where he learned the ins and outs of the business from the ground up.

He founded Homesmith in 1999 with the goal of building quality homes for Chesterfield County residents. Today he builds his trademark houses in some of Midlothian’s most exciting subdivisions—including Hallsley, Rountrey and Summer Lake.

Even after so many years in the industry, Pat still loves to sit back and admire a well-crafted house. He says the true reward of the homebuilding industry is being able to give people a great place to live.

Pat lives with his wife, Sonja, and their two children in Hallsley.


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